Why Covid-19 cases in India are Falling
Image Source - Google | Image by - pixabay.com

Finally, some good news. India's Covid case numbers are reducing every day. In September, we saw daily Covid cases of almost 1 lakh for the last consecutive 8 days the covid cases each day are less than 50000 each day. India has the largest number of recoveries globally. So can we finally take off our masks? It's not that simple. Today I will simplify India's covid situation for you. I am going to check whether the future outlook is good or bad. And I am going to write about the simple precaution that will keep you your family safe from the virus. 

Number 1:- Cases in India are decreasing but the situation is the opposite worldwide. England has declared a second lockdown till December. England, they had controlled the spread cases were falling, the curve was flattening. From June to September there were no Covid cases, but suddenly 20000 cases are increasing. And this is not the case in only one European country. Israel, Germany, France, and Italy are seeing second waves. And the reason "Winter is Coming". When you sneeze cough or even talk, you release droplets. These fluids settle on surfaces which can help the virus spread. According to experts, Droplets evaporate in summer. In summer, droplets evaporate and the virus does not spread as much Contact Transmission, Aerosol Transmission. Droplets will take longer to evaporate in the winters. This will increase the rate of droplet transmission. A colder winter awaits India this year due to prevailing La Nina conditions. All of us have to be extra careful in the winters.

Number 2:- How reliable are these low positive daily numbers? There are 2 types of Covid tests conducted in India. One is the RT-PCP test and the second in the Rapid Antigen test. RT-PCR test slow to give results but is more accurate. Rapid Antigen tests give fast results but give false negatives too. Not all states are transparent, about which tests are happening. Indian Council Of Medical Research is saying " The serosurvey further revealed that for every confirmed COVID-19 case in May, there were 82-130 infections that went undetected". We don't really know how many people are infected but have not been captured in contact tracing or testing. we however have to admit our mortality rate lesser than other countries and that is good news. However, our country's population is 130 crores and only 11 crore tests have been conducted so far. This means less than 10% of our population has been tested, that's bad news.

Number 3:- Is our fight against Covid or against death? India has the most Covid recoveries worldwide. There's a huge risk between this positive news. Some patients who survive Covid-19 may suffer lasting lung damage. Please read the experiences of Covid patients online and listen to doctor interviews. Many mention the long term impacts of Covid. Every 1 out of 3 Covid patients can have severe lung damage and air pollution can be fatal for such patients. Pollution can put every 1 out of 5 patients in critical condition. Maybe these deaths may not get counted as Covid deaths but thinking a little bit about their life is our responsibility. Burning waste or stubble is anyway dangerous for us. But now it can be dangerous. But there is good news because Rajasthan and Odisha ban crackers for the safety of Covid patients. We need to take such decisions to reduce air pollution in India. It feels very good when people in society come together and understand the circumstances and take this decision together. Please understand, this is not a matter of religion, this is a matter of humanity, of some sense and consideration. I can't force anyone but I can request you. we need to control air pollution at our individual level. We owe it to those 76 lakhs people who are at risk. Ultimately, are there chances of a second wave in India? This is a paradox. If more people think we have defeated Covid. No second wave will come. Then we will have a second wave of infections for sure because we will stop taking precautions and if more people believe that a second wave will come then they take as many precautions as they did in May. Then maybe, we can control the second wave of infections. We are 8 months into the Covid pandemic but we still have not learned how to wear a mask properly. Cases are reducing but it does not mean we become overconfident and stop talking any precautions at all. Yes, today India's Covid numbers are reducing and this news will really be good news for India. when numbers flatline even after the winter/festive season. Till the time we don't have a vaccine and it reaches everyone, we have not won the fight against Covid-19.